Two different and quite distinct industries make up the mobile entertainment industry: entertainment and telecommunications. The entertainment industry is focused on generating revenues from people through provision of time killing fun activities. It involves an expertise in consumer behavior, brand recognition, and it has an intensive social aspect. The telecommunications industry, on the other hand mostly engineering oriented and concentrated often on IT-driven vendors and operators. Both industries are well established and have their own “best practices”, jargon and revenue models. The mobile industry has brought these two very different industries together that must be bridged  by a profitable definition of a value chain and business model.

Looking more closely at the entertainment industry, we see that its value chain is made of intellectual right owners, producers, artists, technologies/production and distribution. The revenue stream in this industry rewards the contributors based on their contribution and risk.

However the combined industry has so far failed to build a consensus on the form of the value chain nor generated a reference business model that is sustainable. One of a major result of this lack of clarity is the obvious shortage of large-scale application development, and lack of branded content.

RETROMEDYA has re-structured and provided an optimum solution into the existing Turkish mobile entertainment market, converging Media and Telecom industries on its “innovative” services.  Retromedya is mainly specialized on providing “Mobilized Media Services” by means of providing technological solutions into the ideas demanded by media companies.Upon this cycle RETROMEDYA develops, integrates and maintains multi platform technological solutions such as, Mobile into Open TV or Analog Structures, Mobile Media Sites, Subscription based News Alert and Video Services, SMS & IVR channels for TV & Radio Participation, Interactive Votings.